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Its difficult being old. Face covered in mold. Nappies overflow. Gets rather smelly down below. Saggy boobs and bum. Not much fun. Terrible burps and farts. Which often end up as sharts.

I love a vindaloo. Even if it gives my arse the flu. Im all out of nappies. Gonna make a new brand called 'Crappies'. I enjoy a ride on the public bus. Although an accidental poop causes a fuss.

Essence of cabbage and puke. Perfect consistency to create a nuke. I can make a grown man cry and howl. With nothing but a simple movement of my bowel. I love being old. I just wish I shat out gold!
Every now and then,
We are sparked by inspiration.
Whether it be our personal experiences,
or inanimate objects.
Either way, our minds are brilliant.
Creation and emotion, in my view,
are what makes the world a better place.
Without it, there is no colour.
No life.
Whether you draw, paint or sculpt,
Your skill is a gift.
Love it.
Live it.
Respect it.
I have created a group dedicated to digital and traditional artwork, feel free to join! You can find the link below.

I do like muffins...
My name is Lily, and I live in England. I don't have an exciting life, it's pretty average to be honest. I began drawing around the ages of 2-3. However, back then they were scribbles on paper (Turns out my mum never actually liked them, I don't blame her hehe). After that I progressed through the normal routine of childhood, still interested in drawing of course. My 'artiness' comes from my mum's side of the family, however no one has made a career out of it. I hope to be the first.

About three years ago my dad bought me my first graphics tablet. I had no knowledge on how to use it as this was my first time. I used a basic drawing program named GIMP (Odd name I know). However, I couldn't get to grips with it so it sat in the back of my wardrobe until roughly six months ago. I decided to have another crack at it, and to this day I love drawing with it. My dad bought me a new Wacom tablet and I swear I could marry this thing hehe. Now my dream is to become a graphics designer (illustrator or graphical art which includes designing the front covers of video games). I am now studying graphic design at West Suffolk College which will then hopefully lead to university.